About Us

Funsicle was inspired by the simple idea that outdoor play and relaxation are much more than just the physical nature of it.

It was about being in the moment, creating connections, encouraging activity, making memories, and, of course, having waves of fun.

We launched Funsicle as an outdoor recreation brand to turn imagination into premium-made and affordable products that can be enjoyed by everybody, and any body, all summer long.

We leverage the best-of-the-best product innovators from around the world to design a wide range of above ground pools and inflatable floats that capture the summertime spirit of play and relaxation.

Our expert manufacturing operations and strict quality control processes culminate in products that are durable, tested, reliable and safe.

Parents, children, families, social personalities, outdoor enthusiasts, and all those just seeking more enjoyment out of life, have trusted us over the years to help them not just live in the moment—but enjoy the moment.

It’s why today we are one of the most globally recognised and trusted brands, continually pushing the creative limits of water play and lifestyle experiences to be enjoyed by all.