Pool Safety

We want you to have hours of fun in and around the water, but what matters most is the safety of you, your family and your friends. Any pool or body of water presents dangers, especially to young children who may not be aware of those dangers. Even the most competent of swimmers need to make themselves aware of all swim safety guidelines.

Below are some important guidelines, resources and external links that provide important swim safety information.

Safety Tips

In addition to the above, be sure to read all warnings on the pool and packaging as well as the below tips:

  • Be sure everyone knows the basics of how to swim and stay afloat in the water.
  • Maintain constant supervision over children in or near the pool. Do not walk away or allow yourself to be distracted, even for a minute.
  • Designate a capable person (not a child) as the “Water Watcher” who will watch the pool and those in it and respond as needed to any incident. Use the “Water Watcher” tag provided in your User Guide or download and print one here. Laminate or cover with clear tape to prevent damage from water, punch a hole and run a string through it to allow the Water Watcher to wear around their neck while on duty.
  • Take time to learn CPR and other First Aid.
  • Do NOT dive into the pool under any circumstances. The pool is shallow and serious injury, including death or paralysis, can result. Remove the pool ladder completely from the pool and the pool area when the pool is not in use. Pool Ladders, even so-called “locked” ladders can be climbed by children. Note: REMOVING the ladder is the best way to ensure children cannot use the ladder for access to the pool. 
  • Ensure the area around the pool is free from items (such as tables and chairs) that can be used by a child to gain access to the pool.
  • Stay clear of all drains and suction fitting. Your hair, body or jewelry can be sucked into the drain.
  • Do not sit or lay over the pool wall.
  • Secure your pool with appropriate barriers or fencing.
  • Check your local laws and regulations for pool fencing or pool alarm requirements.